Utility Pole
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Pratik Bhurat, Director of Sales & Operations

Pratik is a sales and operations leader. His previous experience was with a power generation company, where he was responsible for business analysis. At Energos, Pratik heads business development and customer deployments. In his spare time, Pratik loves to go out cycling.

Rajesh Solanki, Founder & CEO

Rajesh is an experienced repeat entrepreneur and product leader. His previous experience is in video analytics and cloud based access control. He is experienced in cross border company creation and has built global markets including, North America, ASEAN and MEAF regions. At Energos, he is responsible for product strategy, talent & culture and market strategy.  He is an avid reader and traveler. 


Anees Mir, Co-founder, CTO

Anees is a full stack product and engineering leader. His previous experience is with a German energy company. He has experience in both hardware & cloud based analytics software. At Energos, he is responsible for product development. In his spare time, Anees loves to go on long drives.

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