YIVObot IOT Gateway

A single IOT gateway for your energy and business automation needs. 

Why deploy YIVObot?

Energy Efficiency, Cost Reduction and Demand Response 

YIVObot IOT gateway is a controller and logger for varied loads and energy sources. It automates legacy loads like heating, cooling and refrigeration loads and delivers energy efficiency and cost reduction without losing comfort. YIVObot also connects with other loads like industrial motors, drives and lighting and is deployed to run automatic demand response programs. 

DERMS (Distributed Energy Resource Management System)


YIVObot gateway connects to distributed energy resources like solar and storage and ensures their optimal performance. It works for both behind-the meter as well as front-of-the meter services. 

BCMS (Battery Charging Management System) 

YIVObot gateway connects to EV charging stations and optimizes autonomous battery charging for low cost of charging and long battery life. It is deployed for managing the balance between demand and local supply, to reduce peak loads and prevent demand surges during high EV charging demand. 


Industrial IOT/ Operation, Maintenance, and Compliance 

YIVObot gateway connects to different equipment specific to your industry and, controls and monitors them to bring your business operations online. The gateway will connect with your equipment, controlling and monitoring them to bring your business operations online. Business customers deploy YIVObot for plant visualization, measuring compliances, and getting a live remote view of the remote operations.


Named YIVObot, it comes in a robust housing of IP 66 grade, is easy to install and supports remote configuration over ethernet or SIM card connectivity. It requires basic electrical skills on site and is meant to be installed by on-site readily available technical skills.  


The gateway supports multiple third party secure clouds . All data transmission is encrypted for strict data risk management.