About Us

At Energos, we are on a mission to make the evolving distributed smart grid self-tuning, self-balancing, self-optimizing and resilient.Together with our partners, our objective is to help large global  businesses to meet their net-zero carbon targets. 


Our long term vision is to form a single planet-wide mesh of intelligent nodes on distributed energy systems which can share learnings, share data, share information and share energy. 


At Energos, we celebrate the fusing of art and technology. Based on our extensive knowledge of behavior influence, deep tech, machine learning and control capabilities, we have developed our platform to help businesses and service providers with various stages on their net zero journey; starting with energy efficiency from heating and cooling loads, all the way to optimizing new energy systems like solar, storage and EV charging points.


Our patented IOT and AI based technology, allows businesses and energy service companies to make both energy loads and distributed energy sources, self-learning and self-tuning, giving shape to a resilient and reliable distributed smart grid that our planet deserves.

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